A Powerful, Proven
Wellness Solution.

Studies show that utilizing positive incentives to modify unhealthy behavior is effective in reducing both the incidence and severity of medical claims. Vitality, developed by actuaries and claim payers, is the world's first completely verifiable health enhancement program. Based on extraordinary insights into population health management, Vitality's sophisticated multi-faceted behavior changing model is supported by an actuarially sound incentive program. Vitality is proven to achieve meaningful and measurable results.
At Vitality, We Understand that No Two Organizations are Alike.

The Vitality program design is uniquely flexible. Components can be customized to fit your current vendor relationships, corporate policy, engagement objectives and budgetary needs. Incentives ranging from a prize mall, premium contribution manager, to a unique HRA Visa debit card allow for program designs specific to your company's long term wellness goals.

Why Vitality?
  • Developed utilizing clinical research with outcome based results
  • Customizes wellness around each member
  • Motivates members to improve their health
  • Continually evolving personal pathway based on
            willingness and level of engagement
  • Incorporates actuarial discipline and integrity
  • Provides comprehensive employer support