Project Description

Redbrick provides technology-enabled enterprise solutions that empower people to adopt better health behaviors and make smarter healthcare decisions.  RedBrick takes a different approach by crossing emerging behavioral models with adaptive technologies to create compelling and effective consumer experiences.  The result? A better return on everyone’s investment in health and well-being.

  • Main goal: to help people be healthy

  • Bring together behavioral science, clinical expertise and a powerful technology platform to produce a personalized experience

  • Reinventing the financial relationship between employers and employees around health

  • Supplying tools to the employees to take ownership for their health and healthcare coverage

  • Proven engagement and health improvement results

  • Compass (HRA) is user friendly and takes into consideration gender

  • Person-First: recognizing someone as an individual and meeting them where they are

  • Person-centered coaching

  • Reward model ensures continued, long-term engagement for participants

  • RAS include Coaching and Journeys

  • Content and personalized pathway builds healthy habits that lasts

  • Portal is visually-friendly, appealing, and easy to navigate

  • Journeys: a breakthrough in virtual coaching

  • Track: captures daily wellness activities, including physical activity, sleep habits, family time, and healthy eating


  • Wellness IQ

    4700 Rockside Road

    Summit One, Suite 505

    Independence, Ohio 44131


  • Toll free phone: 888.935.5471

  • Local phone: 216.264.2727
  • Fax: 216.816.0069

  • Email:

  • Web:


Monday – Friday
 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST