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Sonic Boom

We’re implementing a new and exciting wellness program to support healthy behaviors and lifestyles (at work AND at home). It doesn’t matter if you’re already in great shape, or if you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in decades – young, old, guys, gals – this program has something for everyone. Sonic Boom provides tons of tools, resources, contests/challenges, and communications to help you focus on optimal nutrition, physical activity, weight management, stress reduction, and more. The challenges are fun and educational, and many of them rely on social interaction – but hey – step outside your comfort zone and play along! Not only will you develop healthier habits and connect with coworkers, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn some cool recognition (and rewards) along the way…

    Improving daily behaviors is … well … an everyday thing. We provide you with an “aha!” moment every weekday, with informative and inspiring health challenges delivered straight to your inbox (and portal/app). Complete the COD on your own, with coworkers, or at home with your family!

  • CAUGHT YA BEIN’ HEALTHY Reward your peers for practicing healthy behaviors at work! Build camaraderie and feel good about the changes you’re making to improve your daily habits together.

  • GOALS AND TRACKERS Use our fun and automated goals and trackers to keep tabs on your hydration, fruit/veggie intake, physical activity, mood, weight, and more. Boost your Score by hitting daily goals in each category!

  • REWARDS Track your progress toward various health & wellness goals (and the incentives tied to ‘em).
    Easily sync exercise data from your activity-tracking device! You can earn points for reaching activity goals each day, check company-wide stats on real-time leaderboards, and compete with coworkers in a variety of fun contests!

  • CONTESTS Company-wide: We’ll periodically host “featured”contests – some will be competitive, some will be cooperative, some will be based on physical activity, and some will be based on optimal nutrition, stress-reduction, and more! Member-driven: YOU get to engage in custom challenges focused on any activity you want (and at any time).

  • MY HEALTH With biometric screenings, our Health Quality Assessment (HQA), and lifestyle coaching (through Coach’s Corner), you can track your current health status and – more importantly – get the feedback (and support) needed to improve!

  • ACADEMY View articles, videos, and other self-paced educationalcontent to help with optimal nutrition, financial wellbeing, and more!

  • MOBILE APP Check out the Sonic Boom Wellness mobile app for additional features and on-the-go tracking!


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