June Topic : Healthy Technology

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The Psychology of Today’s Technology (June 1 & 4)

What is actually happening to our brains, as technology continues to become a more significant part of our culture? Learn how the overuse of technology is changing brain structure and what you can do to reverse it.

Time Well Spent in Technology (June 8 & 11)

Technology is helpful when utilized properly. Learn how to monitor your own use of technology and whether it is helping or harming you with professional and personal tasks.

Take Control of Technology (June 15 & 18)

As technology takes over more of our lives each day, this course will help you take back control. Develop digital well-being guidelines to help you with creating healthier boundaries.

Healthy Technology for Kids (June 22 & 25)

As parents, it can be a struggle to determine a healthy balance between allowing your kids access to technology while preventing harmful use of it. There is a rich movement developing to help students, parents and teachers build healthier relationships with technology. Learn what you can do today to be a part of this movement.

Upcoming WellnessIQ Weekly Topics

Below is a tentative schedule of WellnessIQ Weekly topics. While we reserve the right to change the topic and dates at any time, we do intend to cover the below topics within the year.

  • July – Cognitive Health
  • August – Eliminating Toxic Behaviors & Things
  • September – Anti-Aging from the Inside Out
  • October – Work/Life Balance
  • November – Circadian Health & Rest
  • December – The Mind/Body Connection
  • January – Setting, Attaining & Maintaining Goals
  • February – Heart Health
  • March – Eating for Maximum Energy