August Topic: Addressing Racism in the Workplace

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This month, we consolidate our weekly education courses to hear from expert Erica Merritt with Equius Group, so we can better understand our role in issues related to Diversity and Inclusion. With the goal of creating and facilitating a learning and exploration experience for all participants, we invite you and your employees to join us.

Four Levels of Racism (August 10th)

The four levels of racism work together as a system and perpetuate racism in society. This model can be used to examine all forms of discrimination including sexism, classism, etc. Join us as we learn more about the four levels of racism framework, including internalized Racism, Interpersonal Racism, Institutional Racism and Society Racism, and work to understand the recent history of violence against Black people in the US and the resulting racial unrest.

Interrupting Racism at Work (August 20th)

Using the tenets of civil courage to name and address racism at work, we will learn how to be an effective ally for interrupting racism at work.

Upcoming WellnessIQ Weekly Topics

Below is a tentative schedule of WellnessIQ Weekly topics. While we reserve the right to change the topic and dates at any time, we do intend to cover the below topics within the year.

  • September – Anti-Aging from the Inside Out
  • October – Work/Life Balance
  • November – Circadian Health & Rest
  • December – The Mind/Body Connection
  • January – Setting, Attaining & Maintaining Goals
  • February – Heart Health
  • March – Eating for Maximum Energy