I Read a Great Book – It was not about Wellness

Believe it or not, the book was not about wellness. The theme was how to overcome organization drag to unleash your team’s productive power. The authors are Michael Mankins and Eric Garton of Bain & Company Inc.

I couldn’t help aligning the results of an effective corporate wellness plan with the research and results of the book titled Time Talent Energy. See what you think of the following highlights.

  • The top producing companies have over 40% more productive power at their disposal.
  • These companies often experience a 30-50% higher operating profit margin.
  • Over an extended period of time these companies produce more than 30x the output of other companies.

Why? It is about people and the management of time, talent and energy. “The more energy people bring to the marketplace, the higher the quality of output they produce”.

An employee who is satisfied with his or her work is 40% more productive than an unsatisfied employee.

Engaged and inspired employees are measurably and consistently more productive. The research goes on to identify how the most productive organizations deploy these engaged and inspired employees in the most critical roles of the business.

How do we connect with the research of this book?

This research allows us to reflect on the connectivity of overall employee wellness and the successful operation of a business. As the markets gather more and more information regarding productive, industry-leading businesses, we continue to connect the lines and dots of productivity to healthy and active employees. An employer’s commitment to the evolution of the culture reinforces a need to infuse the organization with a consistent application of communications, events, rewards and measurements commensurate with the basic underpinnings of a corporate wellness program.

Invite your employees, your prospects and your customers to take care of the critical aspects of their business by a continued focus on their most productive employees and the effort to maintain, develop and expand this core resource of every company

The book: Time Talent Energy by Michael Mankins and Eric Garton
Copyright 2017 Bain & Company Inc. – Harvard Business Review Press

  Virgin Pulse & WellnessIQ

WellnessIQ recently announced the addition of the Virgin Pulse wellness solution to our Consultantcentric portfolio of corporate wellness solutions. Our sales and account management team aligns with both the Consultant and Virgin Pulse to promote, introduce and support employee engagement and measurable results for employers with 1,000 or fewer employees.
WellnessIQ and Virgin Pulse have worked collaboratively to design solutions best-suited for the <1,000 employers. Employers will experience the
communication rich technology of Virgin Pulse to support workplace culture and drive the outcomes that matter most for each business. The total wellbeing program helps employees create daily habits that improve their wellbeing and power their long-term success.
The Consultant will be able to rely on WellnessIQ for the full spectrum of sales from the needs analysis of the prospect through the annual renewal of each customer. Both organizations look forward to reaching a broader base of employers who are ready to introduce a new level of wellness to their employees and impact the changes necessary to grow a thriving organization.
Discover how Virgin Pulse makes a difference in the overall culture of an employer. Request a proposal or contact us for a presentation of the solution.
Link to Virgin Pulse and WellnessIQ

New to WIQ Web: National Biometric Partners

WellnessIQ has established relationships with numerous nationally acclaimed partners for biometrics. In collaboration with the employer and benefits consultant, we select the partner best-suited to fit the customer’s needs. Biometric screenings are the basis for an effective wellness program and are part of every new client implementation and existing customer renewal review.
WellnessIQ coordinates the on-site and off-site schedules, registration, communication and pricing for the biometric and flu shot events. We are digitally integrated with a number of our biometric partners and solution vendors for the efficient, effective and HIPAA compliant submission of results for each participant. Your sales and account management team at WellnessIQ streamlines the multitude of check points and data elements involved in a biometric or flu shot event. Our website now features our biometric partners.
We have found many companies using insurance carrier wellness programs may need a solution for collecting the health related data for their employees, especially for companies featuring premium differentials, HRA contributions and HSA options.
Check out Biometric Resources


WellnessIQ works collaboratively with consultants and employers to implement a program specifically aligned with the goals of the employer.
Companies of all sizes experience the results of a successful program as evidenced by controlling health care costs and a marked advancement in employee productivity and morale.
An integrated portfolio of solutions includes a selection of nationally acclaimed wellness providers with the technology and account management needed to promote employee engagement and measureable results.