Dialing In Your Customers: Welcome to 2018

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Employee Productivity and Engagement

Every Consultant is challenged to maintain and grow their business. Your team has just finished the big push to stabilize the client base and now you are focused on the 2018 growth objectives. Customers are exhausted from the January renewal and open-enrollment process and now it is time to begin the annual performance reviews for their employees.
Help your customers revolutionize the organizational culture and attain a new level of employee productivity. It may be time to introduce an incentive plan to support the Employer Mission Statement with an emphasis on employee engagement, teamwork and reinforcing communications. The delivery of “real dollars” is one of the most effective methods for capturing the attention of employees. The introduction of a sequenced and incremental incentive program with regular monthly, quarterly and annual goals has proven to maintain sustainable employee engagement.
In a 2017 study released by the Economic Intelligence Unit and Humana:
“67% of employees said participation in wellness programs increased their engagement in employer’s mission and goals
“91% of employees participating in wellness programs have improved their fitness, with 89% indicating improved happiness and wellbeing”
In a study by the Engagement Institute: “disengaged employees cost an estimated $450-$550 billion a year in the United States”
Finding the right plan does not have to be a struggle. You have a partner in wellness to work alongside of you and the employer to design a program best-suited to the needs of your customer and influence the evolution of the corporate culture. WellnessIQ handles the entire sales and service process ranging from the initial request for proposal, program selection, customer presentations, implementation and account management for wellness. Your wellness team or designated specialists work hand-in-hand with the WellnessIQ team to compress the timeline and effort required for the introduction and support of a results-oriented program.
Discover the portfolio of options, solutions and products and leverage the full spectrum of wellness available through WellnessIQ.
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Helping Employees Manage Stress with Vitality

According to the American Psychological Association, 65% of Americans cite work as a top source of stress. Stress in the workplace is responsible for lost productivity, higher employee turnover and lower job satisfaction. Stress can lead to physical health issues such as headaches, trouble sleeping, high blood pressure and upset stomach.
The 2018 Vitality programs introduce the new benefits of Healthy Mind and Financial Goals to assist employers, employees and families with the management of stress.
Creating a Culture of Health

EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

In 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updated its regulations regarding wellness programs under both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Genetic Information Nondisclosure Act (GINA).
Among other things, these regulations permit employer-sponsored wellness programs with maximum incentives up to 30% for purposes of gathering employee or family health information.

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WellnessIQ works collaboratively with consultants and employers to implement a program specifically aligned with the goals of the employer.
Companies of all sizes experience the results of a successful program as evidenced by controlling health care costs and a marked advancement in employee productivity and morale.
An integrated portfolio of solutions includes a selection of nationally acclaimed wellness providers with the technology and account management needed to promote employee engagement and measureable results.