Designing a Corporate Wellness Program that Works

Corporate Wellness programs have been around for many years. There has also been a long standing debate as to if these types of programs work. This is a similar question that could be posed to Corporate America if performance reviews, ongoing training programs, employee assistance programs, or social interaction programs for employee morale are effective for both the employee and the bottom line of the employer. The overall answer is that some of these types of programs are successful while others ultimately fail. No surprise the key components include the design and execution of the program.

How to create a wellness program that works? What can employers and consultants do to avoid some of the missteps that have been made in the past in designing a program that turned out to be ineffective and costly? WellnessIQ has done a significant amount of research, case studies, and monitoring of higher performing employer groups to share the following building blocks for a successful program.

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QuitNet from MeYou Health : A Case Study with WellnessIQ

A proven, reliable and cost-effective quit smoking program was introduced as an additional component of a current corporate wellness program.
The problem: Assisting employees with a nicotine dependency
The solution: A clinically validated program including a community of smokers and ex-smokers in every stage of their quit journey. The program includes online digital coaching and an optional mail-order delivery of nicotine replacement therapy.
The results: Employees have collectively saved two years and four months of life, saved nearly $27,000 and left over 112,000 cigarettes unsmoked. After the first 90 days, 59% of the participants are still engaged in the program.
QuitNet “offers support and guidance for those who really want to quit and a loving nudge to those who haven’t committed, but are just about there”.
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Maxim Healthcare Services Caring. Serving. Enriching Lives.

A key feature and essential foundation of a successful wellness program begins with a baseline of biometrics. This month we feature Maxim Healthcare Services.

Established in 1996, Maxim Health Systems operates as the wellness division of Maxim Healthcare Services Inc. Maxim has grown rapidly in the healthcare industry by building solid relationships and placing a strong emphasis on exemplary customer service. Together, with the parent company headquartered in Columbia, MD, Maxim leverages the resources of more than 250 local offices and a roster of more than 62,000 healthcare providers, including 35,000+ Nurses, to provide health and wellness solutions to employer groups; federal, state and local government entities; and health plans nationwide.

21 years of experience providing flu and screening programs to large corporations, government entities, health plans and public sector groups nationwide.

Currently provides immunization and/or screening services to more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies.

Over the past 6 years, Maxim has conducted over 120,000 clinics and administered 8.4 million flu shots.

With longstanding relationships, nurtured over many years, with both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) and several of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world including Sanofi, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline, Maxim provides safe, secure and efficient program operations.

Maxim handles all elements of the flu clinic ranging from professional staffing, clinic set-up, required paperwork to bio-hazardous waste removal, clinic clean-up and periodic reporting.

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WellnessIQ works collaboratively with consultants and employers to implement a program specifically aligned with the goals of the employer.
Companies of all sizes experience the results of a successful program as evidenced by controlling health care costs and a marked advancement in employee productivity and morale.
An integrated portfolio of solutions includes a selection of nationally acclaimed wellness providers with the technology and account management needed to promote employee engagement and measureable results.