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Healthy Employees Invigorate Your Company

Successful businesses are built on the strength and vitality of their employees. At Central Wellness, we understand the importance of bringing out the best in every employee, and we make your corporate wellness goals easy to achieve. We’ll develop an employee wellness program that engages your team, boosts their health and well-being, and motivates them to reach higher. You’ll watch your healthcare costs decline as your company’s productivity, profitability and morale soar.

Through personalized, highly motivational programs, employees learn how small changes to their daily routines can improve their overall health. Understanding their health, getting a flu shot, receiving routine or preventative exams, working out and engaging in employer-sponsored events will help them not only feel better and stay healthier but, in some cases, earn other great rewards. 

RNs and wellness specialists take clients through a series of screening protocols that can offer insights into overall health and reveal risks for certain diseases or medical conditions.

  • Fingerstick Health Screenings
  • Venipuncture Health Screenings
  • Anthropometric Measurements
  • All standard health screenings include height, weight, blood pressure, and BMI measurements.


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