Wellness IQ

WellnessIQ provides wellness solutions through the broker distribution channel aligned with an employer’s goals and culture to promote an environment of employee engagement and productivity evidenced in improved overall well-being and measurable results.

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Strategy & Partnership

An integrated portfolio of solutions includes a selection of nationally acclaimed wellness providers with the technology and account management needed to promote employee engagement and measurable results.  The goals and structure of an employer are addressed to identify the best fit for each employer.  We know each employer has a unique employee experience and a well-designed wellness program will be closely aligned with the culture and values of the organization.

  • Initial employer analysis

  • Employer, consultant and WellnessIQ collaboration

  • Establish desired outcomes

  • Introduce milestones

  • Incremental development

Activity Management

A comprehensive strategy begins with the initial introduction of the wellness program and is reinforced through the utilization of a series of employee metrics, goals, rewards and incentives. The WellnessIQ Account Management team establishes a rapport with the customer to review and communicate the progress of the program by identifying developing trends and opportunities. Our mutual goal is to incrementally improve and advance the results of the program.

  • Detailed implementation and on-boarding

  • Calendar of events

  • Schedule reviews

  • Employee engagement

Assessment & Results

WellnessIQ provides a wellness solution aligned with the company goals and culture to promote an environment of employee engagement and measurable results. The ongoing development of the solution is consistently measured and communicated with the employer to promote a results-oriented outcome.

  • Report analysis

  • Goal assessment

  • Measured behaviors

  • Renewal communications


“The WellnessIQ system helped to get more employees engaged in the company wellness program because it makes it easier for those in our remote office and other locations to stay involved. Our previous internal programs averaged 20-25% engagement, over 70% of our employees are participating through WellnessIQ.”